"SQL Database Out of Date" error with XDR

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"SQL Database Out of Date" error with XDR

Post by djparkdmd » Sat Oct 17, 2015 8:30 am

I had a quick question before I call up XDR and pay them to fix this error message.

Error message: "SQL database out of date. You have 6 days before license expires. Please contact your database administrator."

We're running OD and XDR off of Windows 8. I have one server and two additional computers (front desk and a second op).
OD I pay the monthly; I don't for XDR. I have paid for them to install XDR on additional computers.

What is this error and how can I update SQL for XDR to continue to run?
Will I need to contact them to update the SQL database license?


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Re: "SQL Database Out of Date" error with XDR

Post by jsalmon » Sat Oct 17, 2015 3:58 pm

All software required by Open Dental (MySQL for example) can be used in a free manner so this is most likely an XDR message that they can hopefully shed more light on.
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Re: "SQL Database Out of Date" error with XDR

Post by cskimdds » Thu Feb 04, 2016 10:48 am

XDR tech helped me with this same problem.

1) Connect to your server.
2) Open XDR\Software\Utilities\LicLog
3) Scroll down and check if update has been stopped or not. It should update everyday.
4) If the update has not been going on, go to Windows icon, and search for "Services"
5) Open Services and scroll down to XDR License Checker Service, and double click.
6) Click "Start". The startup type should be "Automatic" as well.

That should take care of that error message.

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