Sync OD Appointments (OD Calendars) with Google Calendar

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Sync OD Appointments (OD Calendars) with Google Calendar

Postby rhaber123 » Sun Oct 14, 2018 10:58 pm

Sync your OD calendars with Google Calendar
Cost of Google Calendar Mopensoft plugin, $139/yr. , ( less than $12 per month). They offer 30 days free trial period

1- Mopensoft Google calendar plugin will allow OD to sync to Google Calendar ( sync as many days as you want and as many calendars as you want)
2- Me and my hygienist can check our schedules, with the patients names, phone numbers and emails, and at any time, by just logging in Google Calendar:
- We can see who is our first patient for the next day and at what time, and contact that patient if needed
- We can see the previous day schedule, with the patients names, phone numbers and emails, and follow up with theses patients
3- sync google calendar with a booking website like " " and now your patients can make their own appointments online,
REAL TIME SCHEDULING ( additional $8/month)



I - Sync OD Appointments with Google Calendar :

Plugin trial version and instructions available here:
instructions: ... ental.html
Backup your data first, and try it on your home computer first.

1- Create Calendars:
in your google calendar account, create calendars with the "same name " as your operatories --- MUST BE THE SAME SPELLING

2- Download the plugin:
a- download the "Required DLLs", unzip them and place them in your OD folder (C / program files (x86)/OpenDental)

b- download the "Plugin File" that matches your OD version:

+ delete the version number at the end of the plugin, it means rename the plugin to: mopensoft.odplugins.apptsync.dll
+ and place it again in your OD folder (C / program files(x86)/OpenDental)

**** (The OpenDental Config file is now provided in the zipped files. You don't need to make any changes anymore)

3-Setup the Plugin:
in OD go to Setup > Program Links> Add , and follow the instructions in the manual

Additional Properties will not show up when you first add the plugin. You need to restart OpenDental to be able to see and edit "Additional Properties"
After you quit Open dental and come back to Set up / Program links / Mopensoft/ , now you can enter the properties, etc...


Parameters and Auto-sync

· this specifies whether any change to the appointment will automatically sync to Google Calendar; including add new, delete, update, move, etc... . Value "0 " is do not sync and "1" is sync automatically. This feature may cause a tiny delay when you make any appointment changes. Currently, it’s implemented but not used. Hooks need to be added to OpenDental first.

· this specifies the frequency of the auto-sync. For example, the default value is "30" which means the sync is triggered every 30 minutes automatically.

· this specifies how many days from today, the appointments are synced. For example, the default value is "30" which means the appointments between today and the next 30 days will be automatically synced to Google Calendar.

The setting shown in the screenshot above specifies that every 30 minutes, all appointments between today and the next 30 days will be synced to Google Calendar.

NOTE: to test the auto sync, you can change the frequency to 1 minute instead of 30 minutes.

Manual sync

When you click the plugin button "GOOGLE Sync" in OD main menu, a pop-up dialog will appear and will ask you to enter the time period that you want to sync with Google Calendar. Here you can modify the default preset value ( from 30 days to any time period that you need.

Click “Sync OD -> Google” button to sync appointments.

4- First time sync (this will happen one time only):
(be sure that no other google account is open in the background OR IN A DIFFERENT BROWSER)
Log out of OD and login again. Now when you rerun Open Dental, it will connect to your default browser (internet explorer in my case..) and will ask you to login into YOUR google account, and as you enter the correct username and password of the google account that has the correct calendars created in it, it will ask you for permission, just click on "ALLOW"


If your license expire, OD will stop working

1- On your workstation, go to C/program files (x86)/OpenDental
look for this plugin: mopensoft.odplugins.apptsync.dll
just delete the plug in or rename it, and Open Dental will work without any problem.
(or Cut it and Paste it into another folder)

2- Or if any other computer is working, in Open Dental, just go to SETUP/Program Links
find the plugin name, click on it, and disable it

To buy a license, follow this link, provide your info, and you will be contacted

I have no affiliation with Mopensoft. I am just a user that has been using many of his plugin for few years now, and I have received a very affordable and good service.
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