Request/Idea for a New Patient and Referral Dashboard

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Request/Idea for a New Patient and Referral Dashboard

Post by Erik@AD » Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:45 am

I am looking for an easier way to keep track of referrals, referral "rewards", new patients and a few other things as it is a big part of my job.
The screenshot below just serves as an example. I will try to explain it, wall of text incoming.
  • * October 18, 2106: The current date.
    * Day 14/26: The 14th doctor day out of 26 for the current month.
    * New Patients 74/156 (144): 74 total new patients seen so far this month, 156 is the goal (6 times the 26 doctor days), 144 total New Patients scheduled so far for the entire month. The "6" is a number that I want to be able to change.
    * 5.4/day: Average new patients per day so far for the month.

    * Referrers: Displays a query result, like query /*20*/ for example.
    * The popup is for when you double click a name from the query result above and displays a list of New Patients and their referral count, that were referred to us by the original referrer.
    * The column in orange is for check boxes to keep track of when we sent a thank you, gift card etc. to the original referrer.

    * Referrers with appointments today: Probably another query result. It needs to show the full name of the referrer, referral count and the appointment time. This is so we can say thank you in person.
    * Patient with Birthdays: Probably another query result ordered by soonest appointment with birthday today.

    * Number of New Patients... in the bottom right: More query results as of today of the month.
- I am not sure if I want the buttons (Create List, Create Popup etc.), but I do want the calendar function to set a date range for the query results
- Everything needs to autopopulate: query results and preset formulas
- Possibly refresh every 5 minutes
- Standalone webbased is highly preferred

This is what I got so far. Are there any offices that would benefit from this dashboard too?
I am looking forward to any input, thoughts and even interested persons that want to tackle this for compensation.


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Re: Request/Idea for a New Patient and Referral Dashboard

Post by jbrester » Fri Apr 28, 2017 4:33 pm

I would like this if not something similar. You have to run too many reports/query to get all this information. It would be great if you could get it all in one report/query or TAB on the side like "family", "chart" etc.

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Re: Request/Idea for a New Patient and Referral Dashboard

Post by » Sat May 12, 2018 5:37 pm

Id love something like this! Who could make this for us if we wanted to hire a pro on fiver or some other gig site? what is the "name" of the skill set needed? a "back end developer"?

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Re: Request/Idea for a New Patient and Referral Dashboard

Post by cmcgehee » Mon May 14, 2018 7:59 am

"Back end developer" has more to do with managing databases and servers. I would look for someone with the skill set "client side application developer". Someone who has C#/.NET experience would be ideal since they could utilize our existing codebase.
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Re: Request/Idea for a New Patient and Referral Dashboard

Post by hrdsq » Sat Aug 18, 2018 10:04 am

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