FREE ENCRYPTED EMAIL SERVICE - from inside Open dental

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FREE ENCRYPTED EMAIL SERVICE - from inside Open dental

Post by rhaber123 » Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:22 am


The SMTP plugin, allows you to use 2 different email providers from inside Open Dental at the same time.
The SMTP plugin allows you to switch between both email providers EASILY.
Set up instructions are below

It will work with OD versions 16.2 or higher


Minh at created a new plugin, the SMTP plugin, that allows you to use 2 different email providers from inside Open Dental at the same time.
1- You can use the existing email provider that is already setup in OD (Gmail for example)
2- and you can setup a second email provider ( Sendinc or Verizon for example)

The new SMTP plugin allows you to switch between both email providers EASILY.

The new SMTP plugin allows you to SEND Emails ONLY from inside OD, and it saves a copy of the email sent in the patient chart, but it does not receive any emails inside open dental . When your patient replies, the reply goes to your original email provider inbox. So no email is lost.

I am using it now to send ENCRYPTED Emails from inside OD through Sendinc but you can use your own email provider if you know their SMTP settings

download the "Plugin File" that matches your OD version: ... FF9ja?dl=0
+ delete the version number at the end of the plugin, it means rename the plugin to: mopensoft.odplugins.smtp.dll
+ and place it in your OD folder (C / program files(x86)/OpenDental)

o Go to Setup\Program links
o Click the button "Add" to add new program link

o Enter this information:
Description: Mopensoft SMTP
Enabled: check
plug-in dll name: mopensoft.odplugins.smtp.dll
text on button: ENCRYPT (or write your own text)
save it and quit Open Dental

Additional Properties will not show up when you first add the plugin. You need to restart OpenDental to be able to see and edit "Additional Properties"
After you quit Open dental and come back to Set up / Program links / Mopensoft SMTP/ , now you can enter the SMTP properties:





by checking or unchecking the check mark next to the "use Alternative SMTP server" you can switch between both email providers.

The plugin is still in Beta version, so it is FREE to try. It will work with OD versions 16.2 or higher since Open Dental have changed the dot net framework from 4 to 4.5 in OD v16.2
If you get any error message, contact Minh and he will fix any bug that you may have.
If you want to use the plugin in an older version of OD, you can contact Minh and he will be able to make these special changes for you


When the trial period end or If your license expire, OD will stop working. You will get a message that you need to buy a license. DO NOT WORRY.
Just follow the instructions below to remove or disable this plugin:

1- On your workstation, go to C/program files (x86)/OpenDental .... look for this plugin: mopensoft.odplugins.smtp.dll
just delete the plug in or rename it, and Open Dental will work without any problem. (or Cut it and Paste it into another folder)

2- Or if any other computer is working, in Open Dental, just go to SETUP/Program Links
find the plugin name, click on it, and disable it

3- To buy a license, follow this link,, provide your info, and you will be contacted



VERY EASY TO USE, we did not set it up in OD, we use it as a separate option for SECURED communication only.
(I am not sure if OD offer an option to switch between email accounts from different providers)
The Free Basic plan allows 20 recipients per day , otherwise the Pro Plan cost $5/month. we signed up for the Pro

One of the way we use it is to get our new patients who have dental insurance to register online before they come in to their first appointment.
When a new patient call and make an appointment , or if they make an appointment online, our receptionist get the cell phone number and the email of the patient.
She tell them that she will send them the SECURED REGISTRATION email too, and they can pick any password to open it.

A- She text them text message #1
Richard, Confirming your dental appointment on Friday, February 24, 2017 at 10:30 AM. reply "CONFIRM" or if you need to reschedule call our office at (123) 456-7890, or go to our schedule webpage

B- She text them text message #2
1- MEDICAL HISTORY - Print out the new patient forms from
2- REGISTRATION - You will receive a secured email from us - Simply enter any password to create your account and REGISTER with our office
3- OUR ADDRESS - 1234 abcs St Suite 701 Santa Monica. We look forward to meeting you!

C-She send the new patient the following secured email through

Subject: NEW PATIENT REGISTRATION (1-2 minutes)

Thank you for making an appointment with our dental office.
1- Click the "REPLY" button above,
2- Complete and fill the required sections, (takes 1-2 minutes )
3- Click the "SEND SECURE" button , to send us your information
note: This Email will self destruct in 7 days
First Name: _____
Last Name: ______
Home Phone: (_)___
Home Address:____State___Zip___
Gender: M - F - Unknown
Marital Status: Single Married Child
Birth Date: ______
Social Security Number:_______
Wireless Phone: (_)____
E-mail: ____
(Complete this section if you are the spouse or the child of the subscriber)
Relationship to Subscriber: Self Spouse Child Other:
Subscriber's Name: ______
Subscriber's Birth Date: _______
Subscriber's Social Security Number:______
Insurance Name: ______________
Insurance Address:________State_____Zip_____
Insurance Phone: (___)______
ID Number: ______________
Group Number: ___________
This Email will self destruct in 7 days
The Office of John Doe DDS
1234 abcd St #701 Santa Monica CA 90404
Tel: (123)452-7890 Email:

About 60% to 70% of our new patients complete this online REGISTRATION before they come in to their appointment. We had enough time to check their insurance benefits
When the patient fills it, you know that patient is going to show and there will be no wasted time or no show. You can try it for free first

I have no affiliation with Mopensoft. I am just a user that has been using many of his plugin for few years now, and I have received and I have received a very affordable and good service.
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Re: FREE ENCRYPTED EMAIL SERVICE - from inside Open dental

Post by StevenB » Wed Aug 14, 2019 4:27 pm

Is this plugin still a valid way to have secure email from inside OD?

Or is there a better way now? Thanks

Steven Bloom, DDS

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Re: FREE ENCRYPTED EMAIL SERVICE - from inside Open dental

Post by rhaber123 » Fri Aug 16, 2019 6:56 pm

There is no need for this plugin anymore.
It is available in OD for free - In all OD newest versions, you have the option now to have multiple SMTP email accounts, for example Gmail, Yahoo, Sendinc, etc..

Sendinc is a free encrypted secure email service, and you can use any other one.
The settings for the free Encrypted Sendinc Email in Open Dental:
SMTP Server:
SMTP Port: 465

we use google Forms now for our patients registration, medical history, etc...

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