Free Call and Text Messaging in OD for users in any country

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Free Call and Text Messaging in OD for users in any country

Postby rhaber123 » Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:31 pm

Free Call and Text Messaging in OD for users in any country

I bought a used Android cellphone for $50, got the wireless service for $20/month, and downloaded the "Remote Phone Call" application from the app store for $6
and I am up and running and everything is working great again, even better.
Now we can send SMS messages and place CALLS from inside OD. This option is available to any Open Dental user in any country.

Mopensoft SMS plugin offer many many options other than JUST Google Voice.

I am now using the option of using an Android phone, and "Remote Phone Call" application from: and found in the app store .
with this option you are not limited just to the USA, any Open Dental user in any country now can send SMS text messages in his/her country.

The setup was very simple - section 4.6 of the manual : ... l.pdf?dl=0
MOPENSOFT manual has more details about how to use the plugin,


Android Setup:

1- Connect to your office Wi-Fi

2- Install “Remote Phone Call” from Google play store on your Android device ($6): ... hone&hl=en
when you launch the app on your cellphone, you can read in the app your phone IP address, and the password needed to connect to the phone.

PC Setup:

1-After that, you need to install "CallCentre" software on your PC to make a connection with the cell phone.
The software can be found on:

2- Launch "CallCentre" on your pc and select the SETTING button

3- Select "add new wifi device" and enter your cellphone IP address ( generally it will find it automatically) .
To find the android IP address launch the app on the cellphone, now you can read in the app your phone ip address, and the password needed to connect to the phone.

- Once the cellphone app identify the connection with the PC, it will generate a password ,
you need to key in that password on your PC to give permission to use the phone

4- "CallCentre" will ask for the password to connect to your cellphone, please enter it now.



- go to , click on the 30 days trial "link"

- Download the plugin:
a- download the "Required DLLs", unzip them and place them in your OD folder (C / program files (x86)/OpenDental)

b- download the "Plugin File" that matches your OD version:
+ delete the version number at the end of the plugin, it means rename the plugin to: mopensoft.odplugins.sms.dll
+ and place it again in your OD folder (C / program files(x86)/OpenDental)

o Launch OpenDental
o Go to Setup\Program links
o Click the button "Add" to add new program link
o Enter this information
Description: Mopensoft
Enabled: check
plug-in dll name: mopensoft.odplugins.sms.dll
text on button: Text Patients

Additional Properties will not show up when you first add the plugin. You need to restart OpenDental to be able to see and edit "Additional Properties"
After you quit Open dental and come back to Set up / Program links / Mopensoft/ , now you can enter the RemoteCallService properties:

change the following properties:
- “mOpenSMS provider” to RemoteCallService


- When you start OpenDental, a pop up window will open, it will ask to grant permission to use CallCentre , click on "grant"



If your license expire, OD will stop working

1- On your workstation, go to C/program files (x86)/OpenDental
look for this plugin: mopensoft.odplugins.sms.dll
just delete the plug in or rename it, and Open Dental will work without any problem.
(or Cut it and Paste it into another folder)

2- Or if any other computer is working, in Open Dental, just go to SETUP/Program Links
find the plugin name, click on it, and disable it




MOPENSOFT manual has more details about how to use the plugin, ... l.pdf?dl=0

The STANDARD text message template is already in OD, and you can modify it as needed, it pulls information directly from Opendental such as patient name and appointment times
In the Main Menu, click Setup, Appointments, Recall.
SCROLL to the bottom of the page , TEXT, to change the preset text message

I have the following message preset now:
[NameF], Confirming your dental appointment on [date] at [time]. reply "CONFIRM" or if you need to reschedule, call us at (123) 456-7890 or go to our 24/7 online scheduling webpage

We use it also for daily confirmation to all patients who has an appointment on a specific day:
pick the list of patients, and click on the "text" icon

All is already done by OD, but you will use Google voice number to send and receive the text messages
and GV Notifier to get the pop up flashing alert when a message is received and to continue a conversation

After you install the plugin, and when you click on the new icon that the plug in creates, and in the the new pop up screen "SendSMS"
you have the option to ADD preset messages. Below are some of the messages we have preset.

1- New Patient Message:
Print out the new patients forms from Filling them out and bringing them with you will allow us to attend to your dental needs more quickly, Our address 12345 Hello St City. For your convenience, a metered parking lot is available at xyz Blvd. We look forward to meeting you!

2 - Cancelled Appointment:
To reschedule, call us at 123 456 789 or go to our 24/7 online scheduling web page http://www.docyor/online.htm

3- New Patient Xrays:
I f you had Xrays taken in the last 6-12 months, please have them emailed to us . To :

4- Missed Dental Appointment:
Hope you are OK. Today you missed your dental appointment. Reply " CALL ME" or if you need to reschedule, call us at (123) 456-7890 or go to our 24/7 online scheduling webpage

5-New Patient Online booking:
Hello, we received your online request for a dental appointment. We tried to reach you but we were unsuccessful . Please call our office at your convenience to confirm your appointment. Tel: 123-456-789


We use it also to send a daily "Happy Birthday " text message. Our patients like it when they receive a "Happy Birthday" text message on their birthday.
The plugin find automatically those patients who have a birthday on that specific day and text them the message that is preset in OD ,
the message that is preset to be printed on the mailing post card.

It also has the option to send a text message " receipt" when the patient makes a payment and we post the payment in the patient account. But we do not use that option.
We have been using it for over a year now and we are very happy
Text messaging is a must for any dental practice.
As a personal preference: we try to avoid using it for financial or very personal treatment. mainly we use it for appointments scheduling and confirmations
People do not reply to a voice message left, but if you text them, you get a response almost immediately

I have no affiliation with Mopensoft. I am just a user that has been using many of his plugin for few years now, and I have received and I have received a very affordable and good service.
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