Search not working for hygienists?

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Search not working for hygienists?

Post by noestervemb » Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:50 am

Tried calling OD support but could not give me a workaround or soultion. Posted in the open dental faceboko group and found out other larger clinics have the same issue as me.

I am curious what other people with larger clinics do?

Issue is we are 3 dentist and 3 hygienists. Each hygienist sees patients associated with each dentist. So we use the providers colors in the hygiene columns so the doctors know which hygiene checks to do. Otherwise you dont know if you have 30 checks to do or 5 checks to do in a day or where to go without hovering over each single appointment and trying to remember it.

But i just found out this makes the search next appointment doesn't work. It will show appointments available for the hygienist even though they have an appointment scheduled since it is not marked as "use hyg color".

The appointment is in the hygienists column that is marked a hygiene, has the hygienist marked as Hygienist and the doctor as doctor and procedures correctly marked but it doesnt work.

The appointments in the doctors column does not have a hygienist assigned only the hygiene appointments. So why does the search function not factor in that the appointment has the hygienist name as the hygienist and show it as not available? Or is there a workaround.

I guess i dont get the point of even putting the name of the hygienist on the appointment then if it does nothing unless you mark it as hygiene? Using the hygiene color would mean we dont know where to go. And i dont think open dental allows 2 colors. Anybody else got a workaround? Not sure how to word this for a feature request. Seemes to me like the search function should factor in that we cant schedule an appointment with a hygienist when the hygienist column has an appointment in it.

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