brand new hardware nothing but problems

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brand new hardware nothing but problems

Postby drpete » Tue Jun 07, 2016 11:35 pm

I recently upgraded all, I mean every piece of hard ware. I was running a physical server for dentrix and dexis due to them not supported virtualization. I had a seperate virtual server for microsoft exchange, file sharing and a back up of dentrix/dexis. I have the need for speed and recently upgraded every computer, win10 pro 64 bit os, intel i7 processors, SSD H drives quad monitors with 1-2 bg dedicated video ram, cat6e cabling and 2 brand new HP servers to allow the entire system to run virtually. I use dentrix/dexis/imaging sciences i-cat flx/stx. studio/co-diagnostix and office 365. I believe those are the main players. I have 16gb ram on the workstations. Almost 50 gb of ram with i7 processors on the HP servers. This has been a 4 month cutover and deployment. Everyday a new problem, everything is running in the virtual enviornment, no more physical environment.

the first day after the cutover I could not believe the speed, I could import a .25voxel 2 arch scan with 300-500 slices almost as fast as I could click the mouse button and then things went down hill fast. Every day new problems, problems that were fixed now returning. Today it took 3-4 minutes to import a scan. I dicom the images are transferred to the local machine before importing the data so as not to take up bandwidth. I did a test run and I was about a minute faster on a laptop run win8. I know I have given too much data and not enough details, but this was supposted to be a weekend cutover adn now I spend my days helping to trouble shoot my practice is down signigicantly. I am wondering if I was better off with 2 physical servers. I want speed blinding speed and will pay for that but programs crashing and poor performance on a daily basis is killing me. any off the cuff suggestions I could forward to my IT team.

I would appreciate any advice at this time

hanks so much in advance for any feedback.
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Re: brand new hardware nothing but problems

Postby drtech » Fri Jun 24, 2016 9:01 am

You certainly do not have a hardware speed problem. Could have a bad switch/router/or network card however if it is really slow, but usually that would just cut out completely. Make sure you network cables are not getting electrical interference messing up your network traffic.

What virtual environment are you running?
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Re: brand new hardware nothing but problems

Postby Jandrew » Fri Jul 01, 2016 11:41 am

If your problems are mostly confined to OpenDental, then I might suggest attempting to restart the server after hours and seeing if your speed picks back up.
It seems like the oldest trick in the book, but we've seen similar issues where upon restarting the server, all the connections to the mySQL server are dropped and speed picks up significantly for the few that get connected immediately after. As time goes on, the server gets bogged down by more and more connections and speed steadily declines for all users.
Other than that, I can only suggest you call us so that we can try to track down exactly where your slowness is coming from.
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