Short Budget - Which FREE or LOW COST Plugins to use?

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Short Budget - Which FREE or LOW COST Plugins to use?

Post by rhaber123 » Sat Dec 28, 2019 12:01 pm

If you are on a short budget,
and you are willing to spend some time to do your own installation and set up ( or have someone with little computer Knowledge to do it for you), there are many applications/plugins on OD "Plugin forum" ,
- that are either FREE,
- have a one time cost of only few dollars with no recurrent fees,
- or a low annual fees.

We mainly use :
1- Google FREE Registration and Medical History forms, can be completed on a cellphone, no tablet or ipad needed. You get an email when a form is completed. Any type of form can be created with Google forms. forms:
1 - Registration form
2 - Medical History form
You can complete them on your cell

2- Real time Online Appointment Scheduling for New and Existing patients , $139/yr
30 days FREE Trial
We use $100/year with the Google Calendar plugin $139/year from Mopensoft , , to sync open dental appointments with multiple google calendars . You can have multiple schedules synched as well as multiple services. We have been using it for 3 years now. It doesn't enter the appointment into open dental for you -You get an email with the details then need to add it in.


3- the SMS plugin to text our patients, $89/yr
30 days FREE Trial
by using the SMS plugin from Mopensoft , ...
we use it with Diafaan for texting on multiple computer , or can be used with Remote Desktop app for use on one computer,
You can send bulk SMS, receipt SMS, Automated birthday SMS, etc...

4- VOIP or Landline Smart caller ID, to place calls from inside OD, and view who is calling, $120 one time only
30 days FREE Trial
when someone calls , you get a pop up that shows the caller name, the caller phone number, and a photo of the caller.
It works with regular landline or VOIP. There is no need to change your phone service or provider.

5- AB Bulkmailer for Email marketing and bulk email $25 one time only

6- Free insurance verification

7- Sync OD Appointments (OD Calendars) with Google Calendar $139/yr
30 days FREE Trial

8- FREE Google Remote Desktop

9- FREE Schick CDR Dicom, FREE Imaging software
Schick CDR Dicom software is available for free . Schick CDR Dicom integrate nicely with OD, Super easy to use, it takes few minutes to setup.
Schick software can work with Schick Sensors, Sirona Xios sensors ( low price), Fona sensors ( low price) ....and works with many USB intraoral cameras sold on Ebay, scanners, some PANO, etc..

and few other plugins....

Now if you have a better budget:
It would be good to check OD E-services, or even give them a call. They are super helpful.
They cover most of what is needed in a dental office , at a better and reasonable price than other companies, and of course all integrate with OD

Software Support/Contract Monthly Fees $169/month/location or office
E-Services Bundle: $165/month/location
You can get the Bundle, or pick only the services that you are interested in

See eServices Bundle here
Includes Integrated Texting access fee (additional per outgoing text message fees apply).
Bundle price also includes Landline Texting option for offices in the US.

***** I have no affiliation with any of the above companies, just a happy user.

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