Patients schedule appointments automatically via voice

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Patients schedule appointments automatically via voice

Postby mafiaxxx » Mon Jul 22, 2019 2:01 pm

i am currently developing a call center that can make and check appointments automatically into opendental by using voice.
somehing you guys are interested in help me with?
maybe colloborate on best practices.
this is the naturally evolving step with opendental anyway.
Kinda like something what is referenced in the video below. Just imagine it in context of a dental office.
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Re: Patients schedule appointments automatically via voice

Postby cmcgehee » Mon Jul 22, 2019 4:40 pm

Open Dental does have one part of the program that does use voice: the perio chart. If you're interested in looking at the source code for it, download it following the instructions on and search for FormPerioVoice.cs. Just adding voice control to this one spot has taken 100+ hours of programming.

To make appointments from a call center, you will probably find it easiest to use our API:
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