Weave & patient "Prefered confirm method" integration

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Weave & patient "Prefered confirm method" integration

Postby PhillyChen » Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:57 am

Anyone using Weave:
Can you tell me how Weave pulls the different confirmation method from OD?
"Text OK" ?? Yes No
Prefer Contact Method
Prefer Confirm Method
Prefer Recall Method

Weave tech supports have tried to give us info, but we found it to be totally and utterly incorrect.
Last time we checked, NONE of these preferences, not eve the "text OK" field affected whether patients got a Weave text or email.
What we found was that if you have these fields populated:
"Wireless Phone"
"E-mail Addresses"
then they will get that type of confirmation.

GOAL: to have pt fill out kiosk and get the appropriate text or email reminder from weave that they ask for.

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