Geolocating Multiple Practices Patients for Patient Outreach

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Geolocating Multiple Practices Patients for Patient Outreach

Post by ajhalls » Fri Jul 27, 2018 11:03 am

I was playing around today with our Geolocation feature (beta) on ReminderDental and thought, what would it look like to see the patients of 2 offices? So I put it together:

These are 2 offices owned by the same dentist that are about an hour apart from each other. Obviously there is some distinct groupings of patients which you would expect, but then I thought, what would happen if we only looked for patients that had been in within the last 3 years, but not within the last year?


To me it looks like there is some opportunity there to contact patients that haven't been in for a while and let them know that there is a "new" office that is closer to them that might be more convenient.

I am still in the process of building this out and interested in some feedback. Some easy statistics I have put in are:
Number of patients
Number of Families
Average $ / patient
Average Age

Search criteria is currently just by appointment date, and then grouping size. Some things I had thought of, but not sure if it is valuable to add (Just because I can add 50 features doesn't make it more user friendly) would be:
First Appointment Date
Past Due Balances
Total Collections Paid
Procedures (Implants only, Crowns...)
# Appointments
# Broken Appointments

What else would you like to see?
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