Syncing Mulitple offices - OD Images folder: Syncthing

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Syncing Mulitple offices - OD Images folder: Syncthing

Post by drawab » Mon Oct 05, 2015 3:25 pm

For many days I've been hunting for a good app to sync the Open Dental Images folder (FYI do not sync DATA folder) across our two office locations

We pondered over CrashPlan, BitSync and Dropbox etc - all paid and definitely reliable apps, but nothing beats an open source deployment that truly competes in the same range to utilization - sepcially if it comes with a good reliable security & reliability - I would like to share with the Open Dental Community an open source app called SYNCTHING - its computer to computer syncing procedure uses a secure cryptographic authentication procedure to ensure secuirty with no online 3rd party computer / server - you simply use your own computers & your own HD to keep these file under your control

Install the app and configure to run it at startup - for the first time I manually copied files between the computers (two offices locations & one backup computer stashed away at home) after that, it compared the folders located all over and is now keeping all locations in perfect sync, checks for changes in the background every 60 seconds and fetches the updated files.

This could be an app worth using, but that said I cant comment on HIPPA compliance for those techies living in the US


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