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Custom Queries

Open Dental can modify a query or write a custom query for customers currently on support. Many queries are already available on our Query Examples page. Please review existing queries before completing a request.

Due to the overwhelming demand for custom queries, we currently have a backlog of requests. It may take several weeks to process and write a custom query. More complex queries may be split into multiple queries, or in some cases, denied.

Only delivered queries incur a charge. Rates can be found on our Fees page. There is no charge to submit a request.

Query Request Form

Please fill out each section carefully.
If you need clarification, see the Sample Query Request below or contact support.

Practice Title or Doctor's Name

Individual Making the Request

Practice Phone Number associated with Open Dental account

Contact Phone Number

Email Address

Verify Email Address

What version of Open Dental are you currently using? (In Open Dental, click Help, About or Help, Update)

Describe the query:

What is the goal of the query? How will you use it?

Do you want to base the query on an existing query? Yes/No  
If yes, email the query to queries@opendental.com or if a query example, enter the query number here.

What columns of data do you want and in what order(left to right)?
Include any descriptions or calculations.

What variables do you want to be able to change?

If you have a deadline, when must this report be completed by?

You should receive an automatic response via email within a few minutes. If we need additional details, we may follow up via email or phone. After processing the request, we will send another email with the query request number for reference. Once we have an estimate for how much the query will cost, we will contact you.

Query Request Process

Below is a sample query request, an example of the query we would deliver, and what the query result set may look like.

Sample Query Request

Note: If you do not know how to answer a question, enter the information you do know and we will contact you for more information. 
Sample Query Request

Once a query request is received, it will be reviewed by our Query Team. It may take several weeks to process your request. The Query Team will reach out with any questions regarding your query. Your office will receive an estimate before work is started.

Once you have approved the estimate, work will begin on your query request. When the request is complete, the query will be delivered back to you via email along with query instructions. The query can be added to your Query Favorites, and you will be prompted for any variable criteria each time you run it.

Sample Query 
The resulting query, once pasted into Open Dental, would look as follows: 
Sample Query

Sample Query Results 
The results of this query would look as follows: 
Query Request Results

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