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Custom Sheets

Open Dental can customize Patient Forms and Web Forms (also known as Sheets) for customers currently on support.

Rates can be found on our Fees page. If you would like to customize your own sheets instead, a few helpful resources include our Sheet Customization Webinars and our Online User Manual.

There is no charge to submit a request. A Design Services team member will contact you prior to any charges and will offer a quote before moving forward.

We work on all requests in the order they are received. Lead times may vary based on order volume.

Custom Sheet Request Form

Please fill out each section carefully. If you need clarification contact support.

Practice Title or Doctor's Name

Individual Making the Request

Practice Phone Number associated with Open Dental account

Contact Phone Number

Email Address

Verify Email Address

What version of Open Dental are you currently using? (In Open Dental, click Help, About or Help, Update)

How will you be using the form(s)?

Will you be printing out these forms for your patients?

Do you want the form(s) set up for Mobile View?
Required for eClipboard users. You must be on Open Dental v18.4 or greater for this feature.

Do you already have a form (e.g., PDF, Word document, etc.) that you would like to provide as a sample?

Open Dental Software 1-503-363-5432