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Special Conversions

The Open Dental Conversion Department can run certain scripts to modify data in your database if you are currently on support.

There is a minimum fee of $100 to modify data within your database, but the fee may be waived if you have had a data conversion within the last three months.

There is no charge to submit a request. A conversion specialist will contact you prior to any charges and will offer a quote before moving forward.

Special Conversion Request Form

Please fill out each section carefully.
If you need clarification, contact the conversions department.

Practice Title or Doctor's Name

Individual Making the Request

Practice Phone Number associated with Open Dental account

Contact Phone Number

Email Address

Verify Email Address

What version of Open Dental are you currently using? (In Open Dental, click Help, About or Help, Update)

Describe the conversion request:

You should receive an automatic response via email within a few minutes. If we need additional details, we may follow up via email or phone. Once we have a quote for how much the conversion will cost, we will contact you.

Open Dental Software 1-503-363-5432