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Custom Queries

For a fee, we can write custom Queries for customers currently on support.

Cost:  The fee starts at $90 and goes up depending on complexity. A typical custom query costs a few hundred dollars. 
Only delivered queries will incur a charge. There is no charge for submitting query requests. 
Please fill out each section carefully, call us if you need clarification. 
If you have a query that you want to include in the request, please email it to service@opendental.com.

Query Request Form

Practice Title or Doctor's Name

Individual Making the Request

Contact Phone Number

Email Address

Verify Email Address

Existing Customer? (Yes/No)

Open Dental Version # (Find in Open Dental under Help -> Update)

General Description or Title

Why do you want the query? 
(What will be the real world application of this report?) 

What should each row in the report represent?

Provide ordered list of each column you want displayed with definition(s) and calculation(s) as applicable.

Conditions or Criteria (date range, specific provider, etc.)

After successfully submitting a query request

After you submit a query request, you will receive a response within a few minutes at the email address provided in the request.  You may also receive additional questions via email or phone. You should receive a quote within a few days unless there are outstanding questions.

Once you receive a quote, you can accept it or deny it. Only queries in which you have accepted the quote will be written, and you will only be charged for a query upon delivery.

Example Request

General Description or Title 
A list of new patients seen in a date range with gross production, net production, and referral source. 

Why do you want the query? 
To see total production from new patients and referral sources all in one place. 

What should each row in the report represent? 
Each row should be a patient's first appointment. I want to see one row for each patient only. 

Provide ordered list of each column you want displayed with definition(s) and calculation(s) as applicable. 
Patient Name | Provider | DateFirstVisit | Gross Production | Net Production | Referral 
Patient Name= Last Name, First Name 
Provider=the provider that performed the treatment 
DateFirstVisit=determined by first completed appointment in the date range 
Gross Production=Total of UCR fees for procedures attached to the appointment 
Net Production= Gross production-writeoffs from primary insurance claim - adjustments 
Referral=Name of whomever referred the patient most recently 

Conditions or Criteria (date range, specific provider, etc.) 
I want to be able to specify a date range and the provider.

This is what the report would look like after it has been completed. 
Query Request Results


Q: Why is my contact phone number required?  
A:  We need a phone number we can use to contact you for any questions about your query request.

Q: What version of Open Dental am I currently using?
A:  In the Open Dental Main Menu, click Help, Update.  The version is identified at the top 'Using Version XX.X.X.0'. Our database schema changes with different versions.  We need the version number to make sure the custom query we give you works for your current version.

Q: Why do I need to specify why I want this query?  
A:  Telling us why you want the query gives us a better idea of the information we are trying to look at so we can make sure the query does what you want it to do.  It also allows us to find any similar queries to use as a starting point to save time.

Q: Why do I need to specify what the query is supposed to do? 
A:  By providing a brief but detailed description of how you want the query to look and what you want it to do, we are able to ensure that the query is exactly what you are needing.  This also allows us to make recommendations on other information that would be helpful to show.

Q: What if I don't know exactly what the query should do? 
A:  Put any relevant information that you know about the query, and we will help define the functionality of the rest of the query before quoting.

Q: What are columns that the query should display? 
A:  The columns are the information that you want to see when you run the query.  This could be a patient's name, a provider on an appointment, a patient's current balance, etc.  If a column will be a calculation, please describe how it should be calculated (e.g. for percentages, describe the numerator and denominator).   If the column is potentially ambiguous, describe what information would show in the column and where that information can be found in Open Dental.

Q: What are conditions or criteria for a query?
A: Conditions are any limits you would like to filter the results by, as well as any other general information not yet specified.  Filter examples include by specific provider, by clinic, or by date range.   Be very clear and detailed about which date/provider/clinic you want to restrict by. For example, to filter claims by a date range, specify whether the date range should be based on date of service, date sent, or date received.   All other general information could be 'only show hygiene providers' or 'only active patients' or even 'patients under a specific age with a specific procedure completed in the date range'.  If there is a query that is similar to your request from Query Examples, you can identify it here (ex: "like query #233").


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