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IDSubmitterStatusPriorityVersions FoundVersions FixedCreation DateDescription
1864jsalmonWorksForMe07.9.30.0;; patient portal synch taking too long between synchs. (can't duplicate)
1878jsparksWorksForMe07.9.27.0;; gives error on the second scan. The first scan is successful, (we can't duplicate this)
1640anonWorksForMe07.9.0.003/08/2011I still see the default note getting appended after a note has been saved in a procedure.
1545jsparksWorksForMe07.7.4.001/26/2011Task copy/paste gives error (can't duplicate)
1644jsalmonWorksForMe07.7.18.0; image from web forms doesn't show after being saved to patient's forms.
1577jsparksWorksForMe07.6.18.0; Forms certificate "revoked"
1573jsparksWorksForMe07.6.17.0; click ok on a signed sheet, it invalidates signature even if no changes were made (Can't duplicate).
1512jsparksWorksForMe07.6.13.001/19/2011When multiple signature boxes are on a consent form, 1 is signed and saved, then open to sign second box, and it looks like it has erased the first signature.
1448jsalmonWorksForMe07.6.11.012/03/2010Web service, task status cannot be edited.
1554jsparksWorksForMe07.5.32.0;; tool to remove T codes and add D codes might move procedure codes to other categories. (have not yet duplicated)
1524jsparksWorksForMe07.5.30.0; with address2, phone drops down too far.
1237grahamdeWorksForMe07.1.27.0; email intended for family member goes to guarantor sometimes.
1070jsparksWorksForMe07.0.5.003/16/2010Production and Income report for specific clinic says 'all clinics' in the report header. Unknown whether daily, monthly, or annual. Could not duplicate.
1240jsparksWorksForMe07.0.42.0;; splitting a claim, the row numbers need to be reset or it will cause a bad e-claim to be sent.
1060jsparksWorksForMe07.0.4.003/09/2010If empA adds an override to phone line of empB showing empA available on that extension, it clocks in empB.
1128jsparksWorksForMe07.0.21.004/16/2010Claim report, cannot highlight raw text and copy to clipboard.
1097jsparksWorksForMe07.0.13.003/29/2010Claim form fields 'P1TreatDentMedicaidID' etc, do not pull up the Medicaid ID of the treating dentist. (not a bug)
861jsparksWorksForMe06.8.6.0;; providers' schedules are getting copied when setting up.
1023jsparksWorksForMe06.8.37.0; printing a LabelPatientRadiograph, page prints blank on a normal sheet of paper.
764jsparksWorksForMe06.7.7.007/31/2009Possible bug computing capitation copay in TP.
934jsparksWorksForMe06.7.33.0; import of preventive % should also use the same % for diagnostic and xray.
899jsparksWorksForMe06.7.28.0; a claim changes the fee on a procedure.
799jsparksWorksForMe06.7.24.0; billing not working for one customer. Message about authentication failing. Specific version unknown.
835jsparksWorksForMe06.7.21.010/01/2009In procedure edit window, after using Change button, estimates do not refresh.
786jsparksWorksForMe06.7.12.008/17/2009When an amount used is entered into adjustments to ins benefits, it doesn't show at lower right of TP nor in tx plan estimates.
817jsparksWorksForMe06.6.27.0; converting from an earlier version, before conversion starts, error about Unknown column 'DateTimeArrived' in 'field list'
774jsparksWorksForMe06.6.23.0; adding a note for a provider using the note button, the appointment printout for that day starts at 12am.
636anonWorksForMe06.6.17.0; not visible after clicking on previous week or next week. Only the first digit of the first day and last day is visible.
632jsparksWorksForMe06.5.27.0;; too many identical plans, then the insplan window hangs when closing. (unique to one office).
653jsparksWorksForMe06.5.27.0;; image, view in chart, rotate, view in chart again. Thumbnail not rotated as expected.
729jsparksWorksForMe06.5.26.0; attached to a claim seem to be saved in the EmailAttachments folder as png with a jpg extension.
748DebbieI7WorksForMe06.5.25.0;; inventory, when user changes note in order history, the quantity changes to zero.
607DebbieI7WorksForMe06.4.14.003/03/2009When you try to preview postcards for confirmations the Date and Time do not generate. It just says "date" and "time".
604DebbieI7WorksForMe06.4.12.0; a Referral slip with a referral that was attached to the patient. It shows in the Comm Log that I created the referral slip but it does not show the referral slip under the attached referral in the Family Module. Nathan said it is suppose to do that. Not 100% sure which build level of version 6.3 we were using. But I did test it in version 6.4.12 and it is still a problem
621jsparksWorksForMe06.3.8.0;; print not working for one foreign user. Possibly related to paper size. All sheet types on all printers. We can't duplicate.
490jsparksWorksForMe06.1.9.011/07/2008Children not showing recall properly in the family list.
496jsparksWorksForMe06.1.9.011/13/2008Print one day for hospital not working
485jsparksWorksForMe06.1.7.011/01/2008Creating and editing patient payments does not leave an audit trail
465jsparksWorksForMe06.1.4.010/24/2008Deleting a claim does not release the claimprocs.
560jsparksWorksForMe06.1.14.0;; to schedule a future recall gives an error, "patient not due". (can't duplicate)
443jsparksWorksForMe06.0.6.010/14/2008Extraction graphic not showing for primary teeth.
442jsparksWorksForMe06.0.5.010/10/2008Delete an appointment, and then try to do something else causes crash.
422jsparksWorksForMe06.0.3.009/26/2008If patient has perio recall and prophy recall, then double procedures get added to new appointment.
424jsparksWorksForMe06.0.3.009/26/2008If patient was a prophy type, then becomes a perio type, the prophy recall remains.
438jsparksWorksForMe05.9.9.0; Rx defaults to wrong printer.
384jsparksWorksForMe05.8.4.0; statement for one person might have the wrong balance forward amount, making the entire running balance column useless.
377jsparksWorksForMe05.8.4.008/15/2008Printing in grayscale mode prints in B/W instead. Only happens on printers connected directly to the network.
368jsparksWorksForMe05.8.2.007/31/2008If check or un-check the "Show Family Comm Entries" in the Account, gives an error. Hard to duplicate.
376jsparksWorksForMe05.7.18.008/15/2008Hiding email in the Chart module isn't working.
321jsparksWorksForMe05.6.30.0; print day progress notes, prints procedures from wrong dates.
289jsparksWorksForMe05.6.26.005/22/2008Payment plan edit window, if a payment is split, the entire payment is showing as assigned to the payment plan.
261jsparksWorksForMe05.6.17.004/22/2008When updating the code on a completed proc, it uses the UCR fee instead of the PPO fee.
248nsparksWorksForMe05.6.14.004/14/2008Insurance carriers added from lists are not immediately available
223jsparksWorksForMe05.6.10.003/24/2008Account numbers do not show on printed statements.
225jsparksWorksForMe05.6.10.003/24/2008When billing, selecting the billing type is being ignored.
233jsparksWorksForMe05.5.19.0; verified) Billing exclude if insurance pending not working.
99jsparksWorksForMe05.4.8.0;; postcard printing, it only prints one when trying to print a batch.
78grahamdeWorksForMe25.4.3.011/02/2007Warning didn't show if trying to run finance charges sooner than every 30 days.
45grahamdeDontUnderstand05.4.2.010/31/2007Some errors if disable use of images folder. (could not duplicate. Need more info.)
11903jsalmonAccepted018.3.19.010/29/2018ODThread, child threads don't maintain parent DbT connection settings.
11719jsalmonAccepted018.3.16.010/16/2018Middle Tier, multiple UEs can show to the user when connection to the web service has been lost.
11721jsalmonAccepted018.3.16.010/16/2018Middle Tier, the program locks up and goes unresponsive when connection to the web service has been lost.
12073joeAccepted018.2.43.0; Claims window, sending batch claims can result in an error sometimes.
12077chrisAccepted018.2.43.0; payments, the "Save Token" checkbox is sometimes disabled incorrectly
12081cameronAccepted018.2.43.0; Tier, UE when generating the billing list sometimes
12083techAccepted018.2.43.0; Tier, ParamCheckSClasses test fails on several methods.
12085joshAccepted018.2.43.0;, area code 595 was not considered valid.
12065joeAccepted018.2.42.0; window (Canada only), clicking Update Carriers can import the carrier version number incorreclty.
12021jsalmonAccepted018.2.41.0; Tier, appointment bubbles don't display correctly sometimes when patient pictures are part of the bubble.
12017cameronAccepted018.2.41.0; Transworld, add cancel buttons to the payment, adjustment, and payplan warning message popups for TSI patients
12029cameronAccepted018.2.41.0; Don't display the patient count in the clinics window in selection mode
11981cameronAccepted018.2.40.0; module grid order was non-deterministic for transactions of the same type and date
11835joeAccepted018.2.37.0; only Chart module, customers bug submission grid does not work over middle tier.
11639chrisAccepted018.2.33.0; Web Forms sometimes fail with a "Request Entity Too Large" error.
11495brendanbAccepted018.2.29.0; Module, loading the family module was sometimes throwing an error with incorrect info
11405joeAccepted018.2.27.0; Tier, Family module fails to load sometimes
11033tgriswoldAccepted018.2.19.0; maintenance, some fixes show a variable amount of rows in the grid
12071techAccepted018.1.62.0;;, clicking Go to Appt Date does not select appointment for family members.
12067joeAccepted018.1.61.0;; Search Setup Display Fields, country is not spelled correctly.
11765techAccepted018.1.59.0;; Tier, Windows shortcut key to snap to the side crashes the program when first opened.
11271lukemAccepted018.1.57.0;; a patient could cause an error sometimes
10991cameronAccepted018.1.50.0;; Tier, long processes can cause a connection time out error sometimes
7469jsalmonWorksForMe017.3.16.010/23/2017Web Sched New Patient does not load for the Edge browser when put into an iFrame.
2278grahamdeWorksForMe012.1.28.0;; patients without payment plans, in the payment window attach to payment plan checkbox is always disabled for new payments until clicking OK on the payment and reopening the payment. This is how it should be. Patients without payment plans will have no payment plan to attach the payment to anyways.
2177grahamdeWorksForMe012.1.14.0; outstanding transactions request (ROT) window sometimes shows an error message saying request failed version 2 CCD message type not recognized.
1963jsparksWorksForMe011.1.7.010/24/2011Multipage scanning error about missing EZPdf.dll.
2010jsalmonWorksForMe011.1.13.011/28/2011Payments, the attached to payment plan check box is being checked sometimes even when plan is paid off.
2013jsalmonWorksForMe011.1.13.011/30/2011Security, log off after "x" minutes ignores the user's attempt to stop the auto log off process sometimes.
1981michaelWorksForMe011.0.40.011/03/2011Module setup, automatically generate fee schedules for CPPs makes schedules for PPOs as well.
1935jsparksWorksForMe011.0.33.0; open a procedure from the Chart module, the procedure and notes should be pulled directly from the database rather than from the list in the Progress Notes to help with concurrency issues. (unconfirmed).
1905jsparksWorksForMe011.0.29.009/23/2011Used to be able to delete multiple TP items from the chart at once.
11381tgriswoldAccepted01.0.0.009/24/2018Parent Job: Task issues in 18.3 release
12057joeAccepted00.0.0.011/09/2018Bug Submission window, Add job button doesn't work.