FREE Electronic Insurance Benefits Verification

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FREE Electronic Insurance Benefits Verification

Post by rhaber123 » Sun Oct 15, 2017 11:16 am

To CHECK ELIGIBILITY in OD it takes only one click inside OD. Super EASY
To VERIFY Benefits, now this need more time

We check our patients insurance benefits directly through the imsurance websites. Easy and free.
We started these changes just few months ago and we like it.
When you start thinking about it, you may think that it is super hard. Not true. Once setup correctly, you will like it.

Most dental insurance companies have made their website more user friendly now. We are in California, and Delta Dental of California has done an excellent job.
All of your Delta patients are already linked to your account. All what you need is just to enter the first and last name of the patient and their records will just pop up. Super easy.
We no longer call Delta to check benefits or claims status anymore, We just login to their website and do it by ourselves, we see most of what a Delta employee see on their computer.

In addition, we submit claims for crowns, perio surgery, implant, etc.... and we submit the necessary attachment for free through their website, and we get paid super super fast
We get paid for a crown in about a week now. SUPER USER FRIENDLY. You can now collect the patient's balance/portion much faster.

1- Registration
We started by signing up and registered with 5 of the main insurance companies that we see 80% of our patients from.
It is good to start with just few insurance companies first, maybe 3 to 5 of them in the beginning. (Delta Dental of CA, Metlife, Cigna, Aetna, Guardian, .....)
we used this query to make this decision, of course , change the dates accordingly.

Code: Select all

/*69 Count of patients by Carrier with procedures 
completed in date range*/
SET @FromDate='2016-01-01' , @ToDate='2017-12-31';
/*Adjust above Dates AS needed*/
SELECT carrier.CarrierName, COUNT(DISTINCT claimproc.PatNum) AS 'Patients', carrier.Phone
FROM carrier
INNER JOIN insplan ON carrier.CarrierNum=insplan.CarrierNum
INNER JOIN claim ON insplan.PlanNum=claim.PlanNum 
INNER JOIN claimproc ON claim.ClaimNum=claimproc.ClaimNum
INNER JOIN procedurelog ON claimproc.ProcNum=procedurelog.ProcNum 
INNER JOIN procedurecode ON procedurelog.CodeNum=procedurecode.CodeNum
AND (procedurelog.ProcDate BETWEEN @FromDate AND @ToDate)
AND ProcStatus=2
GROUP BY CarrierName
ORDER BY CarrierName;
Registration may take about one to two weeks, as some insurance companies have to mail you the confirmation letters

2-RoboForm - Free Password Manager
You’ll never need to remember or type your passwords again. It saves the websites URL, usernanes and passwords for all of these different websites.
An easy and free software to open any website and login in just few seconds. All what you need is just a master password.
I was told about it by a large business that has been using it for many of their employees for few years now. (over 50 employees - business option) Legitimate software.
or you can get any other program.

3- Splitting your monitor screen in two
This option is already available in all windows operating system

Our insurance specialist has a 24" monitor (larger is not necessary). We split our monitor screen in half, and we have Open Dental on one side, and the insurance website on the other side.
Now, it will be very easy to share and transfer information from one side to another.
It take our staff now just few minutes to get any information that we need, and we do not need to wait and be placed on hold forever anymore, or to wait for Monday if they are closed on the weekends.

4- Save the insurance benefits in the IMAGE Module
Most insurance companies allow you to print these benefits in a pdf format, and now you can save it in Open Dental in the patient chart, in the Image Module.
We just created a new folder in the image Module and we called it "Insurance Benefits"

5- Claim Connect/Dental Xchange

Dental Xchange / Claim Connect charge an additional $15/month for the automated eligibility and benefits verification.
They do provide benefits information, but their benefit reports sometime has TOO MUCH information, or none at all, and most OD users do not use that information

For Benefits verification: a staff member need to call the insurance, or he/she can use the insurance website
For Insurance Eligibility: with one click inside OD, using Dental Xchange/Claim Connect, you can confirm if the patient still has coverage or not.

Once our patients insurance information is entered in Open Dental, it makes it easier to confirm that our patient has insurance, or still has insurance at a later date, by just clicking one button.


Once all this is setup correctly, you and your staff will be very happy.
Start by signing up and registering with one insurance, and let your staff try it.

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