Improving performance - automatically imported vital signs

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Improving performance - automatically imported vital signs

Post by wjstarck » Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:38 am

FYI, for those doctors that are automatically importing data from a networked vital sign monitor in EASy, our Electronic Anesthesia System for Open Dental, there is a new button on the preference screen that you can use if you are noticing performance issues when you are opening or closing an anesthetic record:


When the vital sign monitor sends data over to our plugin, that is a lot of extraneous data that can fill up the schema tables and slow down performance. The reason for the degradation in performance is that we have to check all of these tables everytime the anesthetic record is launched in case they contain data that hasn't been imported yet.

The function on the button is to flush this stale data from these tables, thereby dramatically improving performance. You will only want to flush data at the end of the day or week (or month) when you are certain that all of the day's/week's/month's vital signs have been imported into the anesthetic records.

This feature (along with many other enhancements) is only available if you are running Open Dental 17.1 or newer, so you might consider upgrading your Open Dental install ASAP.

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems using this feature.

Bill Starck, DDS
Big Idea Software, LLC
Developer, EASy(Electronic Anesthesia System) for Open Dental

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