Direct Database Modifications

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Direct Database Modifications

Post by sp3ctre » Thu Jul 11, 2019 2:00 pm

Hi! So recently I created an application, a sort of patient check in that allows a patient to arrive at the office, type in their last name on a tablet and then update personal info (phone number email preferred contact methods etc) and take a patient profile photo which is auto inserted into their patient profile and they show up in the waiting room. My question is as follows, is this kind of implementation supported? If not how else should I go about implementing a software like this?

I have attached links to the sourcecode which my associate and I both made, there is a frontend and a daemon that runs on whichever server you desire to have it running on for the check in system.

Link to web implementation: ... ecam=false#

Link to Github repo for the Daemon:
Link to Github repo for the VueJS web SPA:

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Re: Direct Database Modifications

Post by cmcgehee » Mon Jul 15, 2019 8:39 am

Based on your description, the actions you are performing can be accomplished through our FHIR API: That is the only manner in which modifying data is supported. There are vendors out there who run SQL statements against customer databases'. Open Dental does not prevent this, but it did does make us uncomfortable because there is the risk that the 3rd-party vendor modifies the database in a harmful manner. Our preferred way is to our API instead.
Chris McGehee
Open Dental Software

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