Changing payment sort order

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Changing payment sort order

Postby Mifa » Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:16 pm

Hi everyone,

In a previous version of OD I was able to make a small change into FormRpPaySheet.cs in order to have checks in the daily payment report ordered by check number instead of OD's default sorting. I don't seem to find a way to do that in 18.3. I've been looking at FormRpPaySheet and QueryObjects but could not find a function that would allow me to replace the default sorting. Any chance someone could point me in the right direction?

Thanks and a Happy Holiday Season to everyone!

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Re: Changing payment sort order

Postby adearmondsattler » Thu Dec 27, 2018 10:28 am

To be clear, you are asking about changing code in FormRpPaySheet.cs to order differently correct?

If so, the table which fills the Daily Payments report is filled in RpPaySheet.
Which method you use is dependant on if you have selected providers or not.
In our current HEAD version, this is what the code looks like.
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         DataTable tableIns=new DataTable();
         if(listProvNums.Count!=0) {
         DataTable tablePat=RpPaySheet.GetPatTable(date1.SelectionStart,date2.SelectionStart,listProvNums,listClinicNums,listPatTypes,

You will want to look at those two methods.
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Re: Changing payment sort order

Postby Mifa » Fri Dec 28, 2018 2:45 pm

Thanks Allen, this is what I was looing for.
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