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Post by jordansparks » Mon Feb 17, 2020 10:45 am

Open Dental has a page on wikipedia. Is there anyone who wants to give it a little love? There are too many pros and not enough cons. It needs to be more balanced. There should be more paragraphs and less bullet points. I personally feel like the "free dental" comment is very outdated and pointless. Just chopping out large chunks of the whole page seems fine. It's not an ad, and they can always go to our website if they really want a list of features. We're not allowed to make any changes because of conflict of interest.

One problem with me putting this announcement here is that it's likely to result in two people editing at the same time and crashing into each other. I suggest frequent small edits as well as holding off on editing if you see someone else editing within the last 24 hours, because that means they're probably still editing. There's no rush on this.
Jordan Sparks, DMD

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