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Prescription Monitoring Program.

Postby ForrestGumpDDS » Sat Oct 20, 2018 7:39 am

Hi, a quick question.
Is there any bridge for prescription monitoring app exist in OD so I can view patient's currently taken medication or currently taken controlled substances without directly logging into PMP website each time?
What I have now, is enrollment in eRx, which allows me being taken to the dashboard of my account with Newcrop, and that page has a link to the VA PDMP.
These are the steps I do to check if the patient is safe to be prescribed any opioids:
  1. I click on that link, that takes me to the VA PDMP page,
  2. I scroll down to find the login link, click on that.
  3. That takes me to login screen.
  4. Once the credentials are entered,
  5. I get to the home screen and can run the report.
  6. For that I have to enter the patient name, DOB and then run the report.
  7. And after following all these steps (best case scenario), I get the report.
  8. VA PMP usually force to renew the password I believe every 30 days. Which means that almost every single time I need the report, I have to quit doing everything I'm doing chairside, login to my email and reset the password.
In other words, getting a simple report is not something I can delegate to my FD or assistant and sometimes have to spend 30 mins getting it done... Ughhh.
I recently spoke to one of my OS colleagues whoes lecture on opioids overdose I attended, and he mentioned he's using some app called AllScripts, bridged by his PMS, where he gains access to the list of patient's opioids currently taken from within his PMS, by entering a generated code, something like Authy App.
I wanted to know if there's a possibility of OD supporting something like that, even remotely, or even plans for the future, because it sounds like a great time saver.
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