IsHygiene setting "lost"

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IsHygiene setting "lost"

Postby JLM » Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:48 pm

"Magically", the IsHygiene setting for all operatories in the operatory setup page was lost. Consequently, at a magic date in the future, no appointment in a hygiene column is marked as "Is Hygiene". It could quite conceivably be something we did six months ago that caused it. In any case, starting on that magic date all hygiene appointments are now the same color.

We can go through and laboriously double click every single hygiene appointment for the next six months and click the IsHygiene box but I was wondering if there is an easier way?


ps. Don't even get me started about the FIVE people who schedule recall appointments who saw this happening for the past six months straight and didn't bother to mention it to me.
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