EClipboard is not saving face photos

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EClipboard is not saving face photos

Post by ForrestGumpDDS » Mon Nov 30, 2020 8:52 am

Good morning,

I think the app is not writing to the file share where the OpenDentImages reside.

I have a mysql service and sambashare for the files, all located on a network, the workstations are provided with the path. Works fine.
Using the feature "climics".
Signed up for clipboard for one of the clonics, but not both (have a total of 2 clinics)
The OD listener is located in Clinic 1, the subscription for the clipboard is for the clinic 2, if this matters.

Issue: when new pt is filling out the paperwork on the tablet, the check in process goes well, the forms are filled out w/o problems, picture is taken. When submitted, the error comes up "unable to create folder P\Patientname". The forms do get imported though.

Another co-finding. If I try to send the treatment plan to the eclipboard, I get a s green that I don't have a subscription for services, while in fact I do.

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Re: EClipboard is not saving face photos

Post by joes » Mon Nov 30, 2020 9:52 am

It's hard to say what's causing these issues without first doing some troubleshooting. I would like to have one of our technicians assist you with this. Please contact support at 503-363-5432, or see our contact page for other ways to contact support,

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